Morphologically Elevate Aromatic Bath + Shower Drops


  • These therapeutic drops calm the mind and body, clarify and soothe with grounding and centering properties. Handmade, they include a blend of balsam fir, sage, and spruce, palo santo and grapefruit essential oils. Just use 1020 drops in the bath or on shower floor where hot water will reach and produce steam. UO's own Melissa McGill is the aromatherapist behind NYCbased Morphologically. She hand creates allnatural aromatherapy goods that shift energy, enhance moods and create harmony. We're featuring our favorite items from Morphologically's The Holy Wood Collection as part of our Dreamers + Doers series. Dreamers + Doers highlights emerging artists, entrepreneurs and upandcoming ones to watch. Whether it's starting a new business, creating something beautiful, or just daring to do things differently, we stand behind those taking steps toward something new.
  • Content + Care
  • Essential Oils
  • Made in the USA
  • Size
  • 4060 uses
  • 60 ml


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